Make Art from Home!

These are difficult times to be alone and because of all the uncertainty that surround us. There are many moments when it’s enough to just breathe. 

We need to help ourselves and others to get out of the funk. My friends came up with the idea that we need to just make art for art’s sake.

We hope that you will join us and help make some community murals as part of our International Dot Day celebration and help reach out to others by sharing your creativity.

Please participate and invite your friends to play too. 


 Please download this template page or follow the instructions below the link:

  • 2020 Make art! Start with a Dot!
    BE inspired
    start with a dot… make your art
    Join our creative community.  We are creating community murals and an exhibit for Honolulu’s International Dot Day celebration for all ages on or about September 15, 2020.
    With all that is going on and the uncertainty of our world, now is the time to make art for art’s sake and to be part of something more than ourselves!
  • Start with a 3-inch circle on cardstock paper.
  • On side one, create intricate, crazy, awe-inspiring, or simple art.
  • On side two, respond to the question, “How would you offer kindness?”
  • Then write a simple positive and encouraging message for yourself or someone else.
    Have FUN. Cut loose and unleash your inner creativity with as much passion as you can muster!  Give yourself permission to go forward with abandon.  Be amazed at what you have created.  Create and BE Healthy.